All About Car Maintenance

May 5, 2021 5:34 am


Car maintenance is a branch of mechanics dealing with various aspects of automobile systems such as engine, transmission, cooling, air conditioning and others. It mainly deals with repairing and maintaining vehicles in their original condition. The various types of car maintenance include preventive maintenance, standard maintenance and repair, etc. Car maintenance also involves evaluation of engine performance, cylinder valves and spark plugs, etc. The car maintenance includes emission of air, fuel system and engine temperature and many other factors. In order to keep the engine in good working condition, regular checks on the engine are done either by the owner himself or by specialised technicians.

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A car maintenance check-up usually involves inspection of engine, transmission and other parts of the vehicle. The process involves checking engine performance by testing engine speed, idle speed, fuel consumption, etc., It also involves inspecting the fluid levels in the engine and its connections. It also involves checking the condition of the spark plugs and determining whether they need to be replaced. There are some types of car maintenance that involve expensive repairs for the vehicles such as changing of oil, checking of tires and brakes, and many other services. It is important to have all these parts of your car checked and fixed if necessary before you visit a Gloucester MOT centre such as Swiftfit for your annual vehicle inspection.

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Most common type of maintenance is ‘wear and tear’, which refers to the wear and tear factor. It also involves checking engine, transmission and other components of the vehicle regularly. This gives an accurate measurement of the condition of any component and helps in deciding whether a replacement or repair is required.