Making money from classic cars

January 5, 2021 9:17 am


While movie production companies rent cars from vehicle fleet management services, a classic car owner can also make money by renting to movie producers. They may be interesting in using the car if it is original looking. The film companies can rent for any duration between a day and a year. It may also be a good idea to work through an agency, that way it can be ensured that the car gets clients. Prime locations include places such as Southern California.

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Another way to earn money from a classic car is to consider hiring out to wedding and prom parties. There are many people who want something different and opt for a more “classic” theme to their wedding, making a classic car desirable. This could include the owner driving the car as a chauffeur or just renting the car out to the bridal party.

Proms are also ideal as they can occur throughout the year, the same as weddings. The owner would most likely need to chauffeur for a prom party.

Promoting a classic car for photographers to use them in photo shoots is also an exciting way to make money. The car could be used as a prop or with people in them. It can also be used for singers and rappers in their music videos and acts as a way to advertise the vehicle to attract more clients.

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Cars can also be used to enhance photographic skills. Contacting photographers, professional and non- professional, and letting them know the car is available for them to hire is another way to make money.