Branding your office

August 13, 2020 2:03 pm


Your office space is much more than the meeting place for all of your employees. It is a space that represents and reflects your business. People visiting your office will get an idea of your business personality from your environment. It is important that you have a clean and tidy office so that your customers will feel comfortable knowing that you will be taking the work they contract to you seriously.

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In order to further increase this feeling of trust you can incorporate some of your branding into your office space. This can include any of the following/

Company mission & history – if you want to give some element of credibility and assurance to your customers you can have an area of your business space where you display your business mission and history. People like to see that your missions and goals are actually being thought of rather than simply being a tick box exercise that you do whilst writing your business plan.

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Images – images of your products and celebratory moments is a good way to show the human element of your business. You may have pictures of your team on display and events such as christmas parties or business anniversary get together. This shows your customers that you value your staff.

Brand colours – using your brands colours in your decor and in your furniture choices is a great idea to pull everything together. You could even have some bespoke cushions made for your Reception Chairs and have your business logo put onto them. You can Find a large range of reception chairs here