Employment and you and the company

January 7, 2021 4:08 pm


Employment law is vast and quite complicated. To get a proper handle on it you will need to have a decent HR Cheltenham based company like https://www.hrpeoplesupport.co.uk/ to help you through it and keep you on the right path. Here are some of the things that you need to know about HR and employment law. Running your own business is thrilling as well as anxious about ensuring that you comply with all the laws you need. When you are dealing for workers, this is magnified as there are a whole host of legal processes and rules that you need to make sure you obey.

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Long before you are expected to make your first pay sprint, register with HRMC as an employer. You may also operate an effective payroll system to ensure that each employee is duly registered, including their contact information and any deductions, such as national security, retirement and student loans. You must also provide them with a daily pay slip and explicitly report the pay run details to HMRC.

You must guarantee that everyone you are hiring has a lawful right to work in the UK before you begin recruiting workers, a document that you see confirming that must be kept on record.

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Once they have started working for you, within two months of their start date, you must provide a written statement of employment or contract to an employee. For short-term employees who are expected to work for a month or longer, this is not a condition. You will also inform them of the duration of their probationary term in this statement, during which you will grant them their permanent work opportunity once they successfully complete the probation.