How personality clashes can cause issues at work

February 25, 2022 1:57 pm


Nobody wants to find themselves at the centre of conflict at work, and certainly not the kind that could lead to an employee filing a Constructive Dismissal Claim through an organisation like Employment Law Friend, but unfortunately, it does happen.

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In some cases, this can simply be down to a clash of personalities, and it can be dealt with at a very early stage if you know what to look for and how to handle it.

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Introverts and extroverts, for example, have a very different outlook when it comes to interacting with others in the workplace. An introvert may simply be more reserved and less inclined to spend their time with others in their lunch breaks. Extroverts can see this as the person not wanting to engage with their colleagues and not being friendly. It is essential that this distinction is understood to help prevent conflicts from occurring between team members.

Other instances of clashes can occur when you have people who are very outspoken about their views and voice their opinions freely, and you have other more reserved members of the team who may be offended by this. This is where it is important to have an open culture where people are able to speak up and feel supported, even if it is not their usual personality style.