How the Internet Saved Businesses During Lockdown

September 29, 2020 6:25 am


Over the last few months, many businesses have realised the importance of their online presence. With lockdown closing all but essential shops, as well as the hospitality industry, companies have needed to become very creative to keep them afloat during these incredibly difficult times.


Small independent shops have been reaching out to customers and doing home deliveries for the first time ever, as well as many pubs and restaurants who have been supplying favourite meals and drinks to customers via a takeaway service.

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All of this has been possible through the use of the internet – websites and social media have all played a huge part in helping keep these businesses going. Many businesses have been contacting experts such as this web design Swansea based company to help them to boost their online presence, and to improve their websites.


Good web design makes all the difference, and it is definitely better to leave it to an expert rather than risk doing it yourself and getting it wrong. This is particularly important at a time when the web is the only way you are able to do business.

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As well as your website, social media is another great way to get word out there that your business is open – use it to shout about any special offers that you have on, your opening hours, that nights takeaway menu. The ease of using it means that you can update it regularly and easily to keep customers engaged and up to date.