Ways to Make Your Hotel Reception More Inviting

August 26, 2021 6:32 pm


If you are planning to open a new hotel or are in the process of redesigning one, you might want to consider ways to make your hotel reception more inviting. As a hotel owner, you probably have realised that it is important to do all that you can to make your guests feel at home when they arrive at your hotel. By carefully planning out your design and creating an atmosphere of warmth and familiarity, you can easily attract and keep the best guests in your hotel.

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One of the easiest places to start is with the reception area. You may think that it is not a place where you should spend much time, but if done correctly, the reception can be a great addition to the overall look and feel of your hotel. Your guests should find themselves immediately at ease as they walk into this area and immediately put a smile on their face. Because of this, you should create an environment that is light-hearted and fun, featuring colours and fixtures that match your hotel and your general theme. Consider adding Plants For Trade Kent, available from https://www.palmstead.co.uk

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The way that you word things out in the reception also has a great deal to do with how comfortable your guests feel. Make sure that you and every employee that works for you feel like they are making a good impression on everyone that walks through the door. Try to use colours and fonts that are light and friendly, especially when it comes to the lettering on the hotel reception desk. It doesn’t have to be overly loud or flashy, but it should be noticeable enough that people take notice and will likely continue to read what is on the sign.