Ways to Stay Up to Date With Cyber-Security

May 26, 2021 5:10 pm


When it comes to the world of cyber-security, it is important for businesses to know ways to stay up to date with cyber security measures. Just as the world of medicine and other industries has developed ways to keep abreast of new and emerging developments in the field of medicine and science, so should the business community to stay on top of the latest cyber threats and developments. In order to do this, it is important for businesses to take the time to get information about the latest threat models, and stay abreast of new technologies that are constantly being developed.

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Some of the more common cyber security threats include phishing, which uses deception to attempt to obtain personal and financial information from you, as well as writing fraudulent checks that appear to come from you. In some cases, phishing emails can contain a virus or worm that once you open them up can infect all of the files on your computer. It is very important for businesses to stay aware of these types of scams, as well as knowing how to stay safe while on the internet. For help with Cyber security Risk Management, contact JMP Cyber

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Another type of cyber security threat is remote control software. This program allows hackers to break into your computer and access and read the files that are located on your hard drive, and can oftentimes work completely undetected. In order to stay safe from remote control programs, there are now programs that are available that are designed to detect and remove these malicious programs when they attempt to gain access to your computers.