When a site outlives its current usefulness

May 29, 2020 1:53 pm


There comes a time in a site’s life when it comes to an end. This is especially true of industrial or primary industry sites that no longer serve a purpose. The world of work has changed in the UK so much that we now have a plethora of sites, some which hark back to the Victorian industrial age, that are dormant. This usually takes the form of old mines and mills but this could also include factorysl. There is usually one issue that arises from the site, how do you go about Decommissioning it?

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This is where remediation companies can come in and help. They will look to remove any dangerous building material and also ensure that the land itself is ready to be used again by instigating a program of soil remediation to remove contaminants.

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Another aspect of decommissioning is ensuring that places where chemicals and hazardous elements to the environment are kept away from the soil or the water course. This usually includes sites such as chemical factories and fertilizer production but an increasing amount of work is being taken up by the removal of old Petrol and Diesel pump stations as the world begins to turn increasingly to hybrid and electric cars.

The opportunities thrown up by decommissioning old sites means that they are primed to be allocated as brownfield or previously developed locations. This means that something new and impressive can be built and the land gets a new lease of life.