How to become a financial adviser

April 21, 2020 2:57 pm


If you fancy working in the financial sector then a job as a financial adviser may be for you. You will need to have a good knowledge of a variety of financial products and be able to work with IFA back office software such as

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There are many different ways to become a financial adviser and they will all involve some form of education, training and certification.

Here is an ides of the types of tasks that you may need to undertake:

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  • Contacting and communicating with clients to set up meetings to discuss their financial situation and their plans for the future.
  • Adding the meetings with clients. This may take place in the clients home or in business offices depending on what the set up is with the company that you work for or own.
  • Analysing the products that are most suitable for your clients needs
  • Preparing reports to identify the best products for your clients and then conducting a meeting to go through this and talk through the advantages and disadvantages of each to allow your client to make a thoroughly informed decision.
  • Keeping up to date with financial legislation and product changes
  • Communicating with financial suppliers
  • Producing financial reports
  • Keeping up to date with clients even after their selected products have been put in place