How to Stop Bleeding From a Wound

July 26, 2022 6:11 am


If you have a wound that is bleeding, knowing how to stop that bleeding from a wound is essential, especially if it is deep or bleeding profusely. Using clean, dry material on the affected area will help reduce the blood flow to the wound. Apply firm pressure until the bleeding stops. Do not check on the wound too often, as this can delay healing. In addition, raise the affected area above your heart. If you need to know more about Emergency First Aid Training Courses, contact

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If the bleeding is not too severe, apply a clean compress to the wound. This can be a gauze pad, a cloth, or a T-shirt – whatever you have to hand. You can also use a shoelace to help with the compression. Try to apply direct pressure on the wound for at least 15 minutes. If it is still bleeding, continue applying pressure until help arrives. Make sure that you keep the wound clean. Mild bleeding should stop within 15 minutes, but it can continue to trickle or ooze for up to 45 minutes.

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Wash your hands before applying pressure to the wound. You may need to apply pressure to the cut for 15 minutes if it is stubborn. After applying pressure for 15 minutes, clean the wound gently with antiseptic to prevent infection. If the bleeding persists, you can apply some direct pressure on the wound for another 15 minutes. If the bleeding is small, you may also want to elevate the affected limb so that it will slow down the blood flow. A wound that is bleeding should be covered to prevent infection.