What is Pneumatic Conveyancing?

July 28, 2022 1:23 pm


Moving items around a warehouse is one of the most arduous and difficult things that an employee has to do. This can be done by hand or by using a forklift and other motorised methods of transportation. However, what do you do when the product you want moves, maybe  a loose substance like a loose grain, a powder or a liquid, or gas? The answer comes in the shape of Pneumatic conveying like that from Aptech. This system of pneumatic conveying is designed purely for the transport of these goods.

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Pneumatics operates on a system of using air and vacuums to push the loose products up and down pipes. These pipes criss-cross the warehouse and are linked to the large storage tanks and vats of product that you want to be moved.

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In this way, coffee,  whole grain wheat and barley, small medicinal pills like paracetamol and antibiotics, can be moved around the warehouse for delivery and storage.

This also protects the items for contaminants outside of the pipes. If dust and other particles get into the mix it can seriously debilitate the quality of the product and the whole batch may have to be wasted. Because it  runs on a pipe network it also saves on acres of space for the warehouse meaning that you can have a compact system. The atmosphere in the warehouse can also be climate controlled as another level of protection. There are fewer parts to maintain and fix with this pneumatic system making it cheaper to use.