Three Creatures that Might be Found in Drains

June 30, 2022 7:42 am


Drains are something that help us to keep our homes and towns free from disease and ensure that we have a constant flow of water that can then get back to the water treatment plants to be used again. Before we had proper drainage systems, diseases like cholera were rife, particularly in large cities, as waste water was mixed in with drinking water, allowing diseases to spread quickly and easily.

As sewers started to be built during the industrial revolution, many disease rates fell dramatically, as people were able to gain access to clean drinking water. But as well as being important to us, drains and sewers are also a habitat for many different animals who have adapted to our world. People who work with drains and sewers like this drain lining Slough based company may come across a variety of animals during their work. Here are a few animals that may be found in a drain…

Rats – By far one of the most commonly found creatures in our drains are rats. These clever, adaptable and resourceful creatures have managed to utilise human dwellings and make them their own, and have lived alongside humans for centuries, attracted to the waste that we produce. Rats can become a problem however, as they chew through lots of different materials with their strong teeth, which can cause all sorts of issues for your drains, that will then need to be repaired.

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Frogs and Toads – These charming amphibians will seek out dark and moist places to hang out in, so what is better than a drain? Drains offer them a bolthole where they are unlikely to be disturbed, and they are the perfect environment for them to spend the winter months in when it is cold, before heading to their breeding grounds in the spring.

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Cats – Notoriously curious creatures, you might be surprised to find cats on the list! However, for cats, drains are intriguing places that some just feel the need to explore, which can then unfortunately mean they get stuck in them. When this happens, specialists need to be called out to access the drains and rescue them and return them home. If your cat is missing, it is always a good idea to check the drains around you.