How to Cope With Common Fears and Phobias

May 31, 2022 9:40 pm


The most terrifying things in life are not the boogeyman, but your common fears and phobias. These phobias can be debilitating and are often so intense that you develop complex routines to avoid triggering events. Some people experience them so intensely that they have a huge impact on daily life.

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Normal nervousness or anxiety is to be expected in some situations, such as attending a job interview, visiting the dentist or having to speak in public. To increase your confidence with public speaking, consider Train the trainer courses from a site like

People can experience a wide range of phobias and fears as a result of some trauma or learned response. Common fears include a fear of crowds, strangers, and other people. As a result some experience complete isolation and antisocial behaviour. These fears can limit their happiness and lead to poor self-esteem. In addition to being extremely unsociable, these phobias often cause sufferers to stay indoors all day and avoid social situations altogether. In most cases, these phobias are not life-threatening, but they can greatly limit an individual’s opportunities.

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Other common phobias are associated with heights, enclosed spaces or spiders, for example. Another common fear is aversion to heat, and this is commonly referred to as thermophobia. A common fear of the dark, or tokophobia, has a history in traumatic experiences, and yet some people are simply born with it. Some less common fears include phobias involving objects submerged in water or a fear of feathers.