An Insight Into TV Aerials

February 23, 2021 6:15 am


TV aerial is the term given to the vertical wires that are required to transmit the signal from the television to the different receivers. There are two types of TV aerial cables, coaxial and VHF. It is important to note that VHF is also known as UHF TV aerial cable while coaxial TV aerial cable is unlicensed, meaning it does not require a license to operate in any country.

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TV aerial are used mainly to transmit digital signals that can be viewed by everyone in the vicinity. As they are much higher than the cables and broadcast TV aerial are in fact separated in two categories, the horizontal line and the vertical. The horizontal line broadcasts the same signal in the same plane as the cable and broadcast TV aerial’s are mostly placed in the trees and roof tops. While the vertical ones are placed on buildings and poles in high areas. A professional TV Aerials Cardiff company such as One Vision Tv Aerials should install these for you.

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TV aerial are mainly used for transmission of analog TV signals. When we talk about analog TV, we are talking about the TV signals that are transmitted electronically. In order to receive them, you need an antenna that has the ability to pick up and transmit signals. This technology changed the way television was watched and if you watch some channels now, you will notice that they are being transmitted in an analog form rather than compressing analog like before. This new technology is known as digital TV and this is the technology you need in order to watch your favourite channels without any hindrances.