How Much Does It Cost to Run a Generator?

November 2, 2020 4:52 pm


You will need to know the unit price of the fuel that runs your generator and the quantity of fuel used per hour by the generator. These things will help you to determine the weekly, monthly, and annual cost to run the generator. The following is given the guide to figure out the cost to run the generator.

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Gasoline generator:

If you have a gasoline generator of 5kW, it will consume about 0.75 gallons of gasoline per hour. The rate of gasoline in different states is different and also varies from time to time. You can make calculations according to the current cost of gasoline in your region with the help of the above guidelines. The consumption of gasoline varies with the power of the generator as well. For more info on a Gas Generator, visit Gener-g Gas Generators


The generator 20kW consumes about 1.6 gallons of fuel per hour. The price of diesel also fluctuates from time to time like the price of gasoline. But you can use £2.50 as the average cost of diesel and estimate the cost of running the generator. The consumption of diesel varies with the power of the generator.


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Natural Gas Generator:

Petroleum gas is turning into the fuel of decision for private reserve generators. Right now, the expense of using natural gas is around £3.25 per 1000 cubic feet. A 7-kw generator will need around 118 cubic feet every hour. With the help of these estimating costs, you can calculate the actual cost of yours.