Key Considerations When Buying a Commercial Fridge

October 9, 2019 11:56 am


Key considerations when buying a commercial fridge

There are hundreds or possibly even thousands of different makes and models of commercial freezers and fridges. Looking for new equipment can get overwhelming. So what are the key considerations when making your buying decisions?

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Available Space

The majority of modern kitchens will be feeling the pressure when it comes to space. Therefore, choosing a refrigeration unit which provides the biggest storage capacity for its size is essential.

Look for a model which can be adjusted according to need and provide optimum storage when necessary. Some refrigeration units offer the benefit of additional internal shelving, so whatever your requirements you can configure it to suit them.

Ambient Heat

Commercial kitchen tend to get extremely hot. This puts extra demands on refrigeration units, especially at the busiest times. Leaving as much free space as possible around each unit is the ideal solution. However, in smaller kitchens this is not always practical. In such cases, select fridges and freezers which have been specifically designed to cope with extreme temperatures and check them regularly.


All businesses are keen to keep running costs as low as possible. Fridges and freezers are one of the more costly aspects of a commercial kitchen, and their energy-efficiency will therefore be a key consideration. It is important to ensure that any commercial fridge offers the green features necessary to maintain performance while still meeting all standards of energy-efficiency.


With so many Health and Safety regulations to adhere to, hygiene is a priority. Choosing equipment which is both quick and easy to clean is essential, as cleaning and sterilising can be time-consuming, taking staff away from their core competencies.


Selecting a top-quality reliable appliance is a must when investing in refrigeration. Opt for a manufacturer with a good track record and positive reviews and who can offer ongoing support and a long guarantee should anything go wrong.

Alarms and Failsafes

Choose a commercial fridge or freezer with built-in alarm and failsafes. If an equipment failure occurs, you will want a reliable system in place which will alert you to the issue.

Moveable Appliances

If you may need to move your commercial fridge, choosing one on wheels is vital and will enable you to manoeuvre the appliance with ease.