Different areas of UK Law

August 1, 2020 6:08 am


There are various areas of English law and it can often be confusing if you need to find the correct contact. Here are some of the different sectors of law and a brief explanation of what they include:

Criminal law

Perhaps the most famous areas of law. Criminal law can vary in severity from littering to murder and isn’t limited to crimes against the person either with theft or arson equally as significant. Working in criminal law can include working for the CPS or defending clients both with private companies and through the services of the Public Defender Service.

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Property law

Property law manages everything related to the purchase, sale and contracts of property. It can also involve the owner’s rights with respect to the property they claim, (eg, access rights) or the leasing or renting of property. One of the most important parts of the law of property is conveyancing – the exchange of title deeds when you buy or sell a home.

Family law

Family law covers a broad scope of issues related to the family. Family law can include:

Separation / Divorce

civil partnerships


Child Abuse

Domestic violence


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Business law

Business law supervises the principles of partnerships and organisations when carrying out transactions and acquisition deals, for example. Business law may include the scope of other legal zones, for example, well-being and safety, employment, copyright and employment law. As you can imagine, contract law is a fundamental part of business law for continuous deals and product acquisitions.