Improve your warehouse efficiency

May 6, 2020 11:25 am


Anyone who runs a warehouse will know that time is money and the efficient running of the warehouse is paramount to the success of the business. Here are some ways that you can improve the efficiency of your warehouse.

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When it comes to storing your items you are always best consulting with a Racking Ireland company who will be able to help you assess the storage options that are best for you and your business and that will grow with you. Organising your shelving so that the items are arranged in a logical way will help your staff when off-loading and loading the products for delivery.


It can be tempting to think about lots of different sized packages for your items and whilst this may be the greener option it also takes more time for your employees to select the right sized package. If you want to think of the environment and reduce the number of options that your staff have to sort through before shipping an item you should think about the use of cardboard that can be readily recycled by your customers.

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Reward your staff

If you pay your staffa flat rate for a standard amount of work, why not consider offering an incentive program for those who pick over and above their daily amounts. This will then reward your staff who want to work harder or longer and will result in an increase in production for your business whilst keeping your staff rewarded.