Making the most of your accountant

June 22, 2020 6:11 pm


You might think that the only role that your accountant plays is to simply take in the figures, crunch the numbers and make sure that your tax returns are correct. However, this is something of a simplistic view as the Accountants Swindon based firm will tell you. There is so much more that they can offer to you. It’s a sad fact that many businesses, small or medium in size, are not using the skills the accountant can provide to its full potential. What else can they do?

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The first missconception is that Accountants are sat in front of computers endlessly entering numbers and figures. This is the role of the bookkeeper which is quite a different thing entirely. The bookkeeper’s important role is to enter the figures accurately. It is the responsibility of the Accountant to make sure those figures are correct.

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The reason being is that the accountant is also the analyst. Their trained eye can spot revenue streams that you may have missed, they can advise on ways to reduce the companies tax bill, legally, so that income can be freed up. Most of all they have the skills and knowledge to present this information so as to be understood.